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New XL table

New Copper XL just arrived, It made it in one piece! I built the table a few days ago it was very easy, I used the plans on this web site and thanks to a lot of you I made a few modifications from your suggestions and made a few of my own. I spaced between top and bottom shelf at 17 inches and reduced the size of the circle cut to 26 inches. seems to be a much better fit. also the top I used 5/4 X 6 cedar 6 full width boards more tightly spaced. Now if this ice on my patio would melt I could set it up and get going. 1st cook will probably be on Sat. for all my BGE buddies that turned me on to ceramic grills.

Thanks to all for your help in making my choice to go Grill Dome and all the suggestions on the table,

Dome table.JPG
800 x 600 - 54K
800 x 600 - 49K


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