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Another Cracked Firebox Thread

I see here that cracked fireboxes are not an uncommon problem for Grill Dome owners... and it just happened to me after only about half a dozen cooks. I opened the lid yesterday and found the firebox cracked in two places, with a big chunk of it separated from the rest. And yes, I've been following the proper shut-down procedure and I haven't done any unusually high temperature cooking with it. I'll be seeking a replacement under the warranty, of course, and in the meantime I'll try gluing it back together with some kiln cement.

My question, though, is this: For future reference, will fireboxes from other kamado brands fit the Grill Dome? I've seen that BGE redesigned their firebox with an expansion joint to prevent cracking. Or does Grill Dome have a newer design firebox that helps prevent this from happening so often?

BTW, I love the way the GD cooks, its appearance and the overall great quality construction.... I just expected the firebox to be more robust, especially with the advertising hype about their special ceramics that can withstand higher temperatures.


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